Metricare is a Controllab product.

Controllab is concerned in disclosing its privacy and safety policy so that you can better understand what information we collect and how we use it.

To provide a more complete and easy navigation, the site is divided into two distinct areas: Institutional Area and Online System Area. 

Institutional Area

This area aims to provide information about all our services and products. Themes and materials of interest are also disclosed for laboratory follow-up.

Controllab does not give or sell, under any form, any individual information of its users without their express permission.

On Line System Area

In order to further optimize its operations, Controllab offers customers Quality Control programs via the Internet.

The ONLINE System offers simplicity and speed in the transmission of results, lower time limit for return of the evaluations and greater convenience, with information and services at any time.

Controllab respects its clients and is committed to the confidentiality of all its individual results. To protect data, prevent unauthorized access, ensure the correct use of the information and keep it up to date, we have adopted several safety techniques, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which encrypts the information sent from the site to our database. Our encryption key is generated by Let’s Encrypt, the most respected digital certification company on the market.

The results are accessible only to the participant and its disclosure is his responsibility.

The results will only be sent to third parties, such as accreditation or registration agencies, when requested and authorized by the participant.

The participant must designate an individual responsible to be the administrator of the Online System. This administrator will receive a password to register other users, delegate activities related to the program, send results, receive and print reports, and also manage the relationship between Controllab and the lab.

There is also the option to restrict user access to certain areas, providing data privacy that may be convenient to the participating institution.

The participant may change his registration data (password, email, responsible among others), if he deems necessary by clicking on user registration located on the toolbar of the menu of the homepage.

It is important to note that the administrator password allows access to all the data of the participant. Thus, he must ensure his confidentiality in order to avoid exposure of information to unauthorized people.

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