Metricare | The healthcare decision platform

Dear Partner,

Recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have further accelerated the need to turn data into insights to increase service efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen market competitiveness in a sustainable way. This is what the Benchmarking and Laboratory Indicators Program has been working on since its creation.

In recent years, we have expanded our support beyond the laboratory segment, also serving more areas of health interested in reliable market metrics.

In this context, we have important news related to the future of the indicators program and we would like to share it first-hand with you, a valuable partner in laboratory benchmarking.

To further expand our commitment to those who take care of collective health and well-being, we present Metricare, a new solution from Controllab!

The result of more than 46 years of experience in data management and comparative market information, Metricare is a data platform that facilitates decision-making in health and wellness companies, strengthening the market as a whole.

The Benchmarking and Laboratory Indicators Program will soon be integrated into this platform, bringing a series of significant benefits over time. Metricare is an even more comprehensive solution, empowering and facilitating data-based decision-making through intense collaboration with users.

It’s important to note that all the changes will be made gradually and without any impact on the contracts already signed so far. In other words, the service and advantages agreed upon will be maintained, guaranteeing the continuity of the Benchmarking Program.

We would like to emphasize that, in the Laboratory Indicators module, we have the seal of approval of the SBPC/ML – Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, a Controllab partner since 1977.

We are committed to providing a transition that adds value to the management of healthcare organizations, constantly seeking the satisfaction and success of our partners!

Stay tuned for upcoming communications, in which we will provide more details on the improvements and advances that will be achieved with the integration into Metricare.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in our service and we are available to answer any further questions at +55 21 98258 0074.


Fernando Berlitz
Accreditation and Indicators Manager